Sunday, June 21, 2009


The Carolina rig I mentioned in this article may be new to some of you. It is a very good technique that every bass angler should have in his bass kit. To rig this start by cutting off a 15 - 24 inch piece of line from the reel you are going to use. I prefer 12 pound test. Next slide on a half ounce brass or tungsten slip casting sinker on your main line followed by barrel swivel. These are the noise makers. Tie one end of the cut line to the barrel swivel and then a 1/0 worm hook to the other end. As for baits there are many plastics that will work. My choices in order of preference are: 3-4 inch tube, 4 to 6 inch plastic worm and a spider grub. I rig all of these baits Texas style with the hook covered. As for colors black with metal flake, pumpkinseed, and any crayfish colored piece of plastic. This is a great technique for finding fish. Make long loping casts and let it sit on the bottom for a few seconds before doing anything. Keeping the rod tip high pull the bait slowing and keeping it right on the bottom for several feet then take up the slack. Repeat the retrieve all the way back to the boat. When you feel the bite, which sometimes feels like you are pulling on a rubber band, don’t be overanxious to set the hook. When you set the hook be sure you have taken up all the slack and, set it hard.


  1. Ed-I really love your fishing articles in the Daily Gazette. Hope to see get some great fall fishing tips! Thanks.

  2. Great articles Ed. I miss the online articles though, still a great resource.